The story tells about the irreconcilable family war between the Donkovi brothers - the investigator from the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime Boris Donkov, head of the anti-drug department. turned into an unscrupulous, cynical, ambitious, cold-blooded and manipulative person, anticipating the actions of others with a few steps forward. The reasons for this war lie in the past, which they both try to turn their backs on, but fail. The two are in love with the same woman - Laura (the charming wife of investigator Boris Donkov) and will do everything to win her heart. One of the brothers is on the path of revenge, and the other will do everything possible to reach the truth. The series follows the devastating war between the two, which changes their lives, as well as that of their loved ones.

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Country: BG

Studio: NOVA

Runtime: 30:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Sep 07, 2020

Last air date: Oct 14, 2021

Episode: 134 Episode

Season: 3 Season

IMDb: 10