The Avengers: United They Stand

The Avengers: United They Stand

When the planet is threatened by Super Villains, time traveling conquerors, alien invaders, mythical monsters or mad robots bent on the total destruction of humanity, when the forces of evil are so overwhelming that no single hero has the power to save the world, when there is no hope left…the AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

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Stars: , , , , ,

Crew: Stan Lee, Avi Arad, Matthew Edelman, Ron Myrick, Eric S. Rollman, Eric Lewald

Country: US

Studio: Fox Kids, FOX

Runtime: 22:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Oct 30, 1999

Last air date: Feb 26, 2000

Episode: 13 Episode

Season: 1 Season

IMDb: 5.2