Jungle Kurobee

Jungle Kurobee

Urobe was a son of the great chief of Pyrimi, Africa. One day he hung on an airplane and came to Japan. Because of the cold and hunger, he fell on to the yard of Shishio’s house, and Shishio nursed him. Kurobe was very thankful for him and began to repay for his kindness. Kurobe dug a big hole in the yard.Every time he returns the favor, he threw a stone into the hole until stones would fill the hole.

Genre: ,

Stars: , , , , ,

Crew: Fujiko F. Fujio, Hayao Miyazaki, Goh Misawa, Yozo Kataoka, Kazuo Inoue, Noboru Tatsuike

Country: JP

Studio: MBS

Runtime: 25:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Mar 02, 1973

Last air date: Sep 28, 1973

Episode: 31 Episode

Season: 1 Season

IMDb: 10