Just an ordinary boy from the Sofia suburbs becomes the first bulgarian undercover cop. Forced by his father when he was young to lie and cheat, Martin becomes the perfect liar. That skill, and also the hatred of the 'underworld' makes him the perfect match for a dangerous mission - to infiltrate the crime organisation of a rich and powerful businessman. While infiltrating and living in fear of being uncovered, Martin falls in love with the most inappropriate woman - Djaro's girlfriend, Suni. Just when he gains the trust of the mobsters, it appears that the real enemy is in the police. Martin is alone against all, facing difficult decisions.

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Crew: Viktor Bozhinov, Dimitar Gochev, Zoran Petrovski, Emil Andreev, Iordan Bankov

Country: US

Studio: BNT 1

Runtime: 54:60 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Apr 17, 2011

Last air date: Jun 04, 2016

Episode: 60 Episode

Season: 5 Season

IMDb: 4.2