Caner Alper

M. Caner Alper was born in Izmir in 1970, the second child of a family of four. He remembers that he loved painting, puppetry and dancing. After completing high school at Izmir Turkish College, he entered - reluctantly - Industrial Engineering and even he was surprised to graduate. His interest in theater and cinema, which started in his childhood, turned into a love by performing on stage in middle and high school. He tried to read many books and write short stories and screenplays. He threw most of them away. Before he started working in the textile industry as an engineer, he worked as a cashier in restaurants, as an animator in holiday resorts, as a cabin attendant in airlines and as a subtitle translator for movies. Halfway through, he turned to reading, writing, documentaries and feature films. In addition to about ten unproduced scripts, he wrote and co-directed Zenne (2012), Çekmeceler (2015), Lacrimosa (2020) with Mehmet Binay. In addition to his story collection Bugün Bizde Temizlik Var (2004), memoir Temiz Aile Çocuğu (2019), plays Cam Boncuklar (2019) and Senede Bir Gün (2019), he has written for many magazines and newspapers. She has a dog named Çilli and hopes for the future.

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Caner Alper